Makeup And Nail Polish Recycling Options

There are many places that offer recycling services for paper, plastic, aluminum and other common household items. It is possible to make quite a bit of money by selling aluminum cans and scrap metal to recyclers. However, it is also important to recycle cosmetics and nail polish. These products, especially nail polish, are considered to be hazardous materials, and can pollute water and even cause fires, due to the flammable contents. There are several ways to recycle unwanted cosmetics and nail polish; these options are especially helpful to cosmetology schools in the area, which may discard a large amount of items throughout the course of the semester.

Local Options for Used Items

One of the best options for recycling unwanted cosmetics and nail polish is the local mall or beauty supply store. Cosmetic stores and beauty supply outlets accept unwanted cosmetics and nail polish, and send them off to be recycled or properly disposed of. In addition, some companies offer a rewards program for consumers who turn in old cosmetics. These customers are rewarded with new makeup for turning in old items for recycling. In addition, many large cities offer year-round recycling services for hazardous materials, such as batteries, chemicals and used cosmetics and nail polish. Residents can drop off their items and the facility takes care of the rest. In smaller cities and towns, the municipality may only offer hazardous material collection dates once or twice per year. Residents can collect their items in a box or container and then drop them off on collection dates. 

Online Options for Used Items

There are several online nail polish retailers that have events throughout the year to help reduce the amount of used nail polish that is sent to landfills. Customers can send in unwanted nail polish and receive a discount off their next purchase as a reward for doing something good for the environment. Several popular cosmetics manufacturers offer similar programs. Customers can send in unwanted used cosmetic items and receive a discount on the next purchase, or a free item.

Options for Unused Items

There are many options for recycling new and unused makeup and nail polish. These items can be donated to women's shelters and programs for unemployed and underemployed women who need assistance finding employment. Many hospitals and nursing homes accept donations of unused cosmetics and nail polish. These items may also be sold online via auction sites or social media. Fresh, unused cosmetics and nail polish may also be used to create gift baskets for friends, family, teachers and other service providers.