3 Great Benefits Of Enrolling Your Son In A Boys Academy

There are a variety of different boys academies in the United States that house boys from about 6th grade to 12th grade. While many of these schools specialize in different things, they have common ground in the fact that they are working hard to help boys to have a good experience. What they learn at a boys academy will help them as they grow into men. This article will discuss 3 great benefits of enrolling your son in a boys academy. 

Teaches Them Discipline

Since many of the boys academies are Army or Navy schools, they are great for teaching the boys discipline. They learn that if there a rules set in place, that they are meant to be followed. The will learn that they are rewarded for good behavior and properly disciplined when they break rules or act out. If your son plans on going into the Army or Navy, this school is a great way to prepare him for what it will be like when he joins either of these branches of the military. 

They Learn To Live Away From Home

Most of the boys academies like Saint Thomas Academy are boarding schools, and house around 500-800 boys. These boys live in dorms or other similar living quarters together, and they are taught how to get along with one another. Not having mom or dad with them each night when they go to bed is a great way to help them grow up and learn to live away from home. They will still be able to talk to their parents on a regular basis, but they will learn to solve problems on their own and will be able to learn more about themselves and what they are capable of. This once again can help them to grow into the men that they are to become. 

Gives Them Great Academic Opportunities

Since the boys academies are smaller in size and are generally private schools, they are able to hire some great teachers to teach the boys who are enrolled. The class sizes are also going to be smaller, because of the fact that most schools do not have more than 800 boys from grades 6-12. These teachers will be able to give ample amounts of one-on-one time with the boys, and they will also be able to help them to learn more about unique interests or hobbies that they may have.